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Parent & Family Engagement Specialist

Welcome Families

The Parent and Family Engagement Program is crucial to each child throughout his or her prekindergarten through twelfth-grade experience. Bulloch County Schools encourages parents and guardians to remain actively involved.

When you are actively engaged in your child's education and well-informed about how to achieve success, it positively affects your child's achievement.

Our school's Parent & Family Engagement Specialist helps to bridge the gap between home and school by assisting parents in understanding ways they can help their children with academics.

How We Serve You

Parent & Family Engagement Specialists help bridge the gap between home and school by assisting parents in understanding ways to help their children with academics.

Their services to you include:

  • Planning and hosting academic family events.

  • Providing school faculty/staff training to highlight the best ways to build equal partnerships with parents.

  • Facilitating informational parent workshops. 

  • Collaborating with community organizations. 

  • Assisting parents & families with tech resources such as parent portal, google classroom, etc.

  • Offer support at parent-teacher conferences per parent or teacher request.

  • Maintain the Parent Resource Center (located in the media center), where you as a parent have access to check out free books & educational games/resources for your child(ren). 

Parent & Family Resource Library

Located in the Nevils Elementary School Media Center, the Parent & Family Resource Library can provide materials in English and Spanish such as books, board games, brochures, and more to supplement your child’s education and boost your involvement in their learning.

If you would like to access these resources, contact our Parent & Family Engagement Specialist.

Key Contact

Jodi Palmer
Parent & Family Engagement Specialist
(912) 618-0287

Need support or information on how to improve your child's academic performance in school? Please call me for assistance.