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Mrs. Sherry Jordan
Family Engagement Specialist (FES)
A FES bridges the gap between home and school by assisting parents in understanding ways they can help their children with academics. Need support or information on how to improve your child's academic performance in school? Please contact Mrs. Jordan  (618-0287) for assistance.   

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Children today have a wide range of sources available to them through the internet for their school projects. Below is a link to an article by Lynette Owens called "What to tell your kids about online piracy" that can help you help them when they are searching for information or music online. 

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Parent & Family Engagement

Parent & Family Monthly Tip:

September 2019

National Center for Families Learning and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation have teamed up to educate families about money management through "A Day at Dollar General: Learn While Shopping." The online interactive game makes it fun and educational for both children and parents to learn basic budgeting skills.

The easy-to-use game helps families start the conversation about money management and is a great tool for parents and children to learn together about how to make smart choices with money. Through the virtual experience of shopping in a Dollar General store, families will learn how to budget, plan a shopping trip, spend wisely and manage money.

November and December 2019

The holiday season is here! Like most families, my household is in a flurry of activity - decorating, purchasing gifts, preparing for guests, and baking cookies and pies.

This is also a special time for family fun and togetherness. But with the holiday rush, the to-do list seems to grow exponentially by the minute.

In the busyness of the season, it’s important to keep learning and quality time with family at the top of the list while your kids are home on break from school.

Research shows that families who spend quality time together and connect activities at home to what children are learning in school have a stronger emotional bond and better communication—and the kids do better academically.

The holiday season also provides great opportunities to expose children to new ideas and information, reinforce skills and knowledge, and encourage creativity, which supports their success in school.

As you are shopping, baking and celebrating special traditions, here are some ideas to mix quality time with learning:

Create a Budget — Encourage your kids to write a list of the people they want to buy gifts for. Then have them allocate a certain amount for each person on their list. While shopping for gifts, help your kids keep track of spending and their remaining budget.

Cook Together — Include your children in meal prep and baking for holiday gatherings. It’s a great way to have fun and teach kids about cooking and nutrition. While you’re cooking, you can practice math and reading skills—and demonstrate cool science concepts through various cooking techniques.

Make Holiday Greeting Cards and Gifts — Have your kids write holiday cards or letters to family and friends. It’s a great opportunity for children to practice their handwriting, as well as their grammar, spelling and creative writing skills. Also, making gifts at home is a way to encourage creativity.

Explore Your City — When you feel a bit of cabin fever, plan a family outing. Many local parks and zoos feature light displays and other festivities to celebrate the season. You can also visit a local museum and historic sites, or see a play at a local theater.

Play Games — Playing board and trivia games during holiday get-togethers is a good way to enjoy quality time together. Look for ideas online. There are a variety of games—for all ages—that are fun and educational as well.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors — Play with your kids in the backyard or at a local park. If it snows, build a snowman or hit the slopes! You can find fun outdoor games that promote physical activity.

And Read Every Day — Take your kids to the local library and borrow books to read over the winter break. And spend time reading together—it helps children develop their literacy skills and excel academically.

Family schedules can be grueling during the holidays, but remember the most important part of the season is spending time with the people you love. And when you add learning to your quality time, it will enhance the special moments with your children and support their success.


Laura Bay is the president of National PTA, an educator from Poulsbo, Wash. and mother of three adult children.

January 2020

Make a winter-weather plan - Have an advance plan for snow days or sick days. Can another family member or neighbor care for your kids while you work? Make sure you have a safety kit in case of power outages; have your children help assemble it, so they get a lesson in emergency preparation, too. Get more tips at

Be a meteorologist - Winter months are a great time to introduce budding minds to the science behind weather patterns and how to predict them. You'll find plenty of weather resources for kids in the         “Earth Sciences” section of

Dream big Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on January 20 by encouraging your kids to complete the sentence “I have a dream that…,” and then e-mail, tweet, or post on Facebook their own hopes for the future.

Countdown to School Success

U.S. Department of Education

NES STEM Family Night

NES students and their families are invited to come and explore Science, Technology, Engineering & Math in an interactive and engaging environment. Parents will receive tips to help them continue the learning experience at home.

When: Thursday, January 23, 2020

Time: 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Where: Nevils Elementary School

For more information, please call Sherry Jordan at 912-618-0287 or email


The Parent & Family Resource Library

What is a Parent & Family Resource Library?

- It's an inviting space for adults to use.

- The Parent & Family Resource Library is available to parents, families, and teachers of Nevils Elementary School students.

What can I expect to find in the Parent & Family Resource Library?

- A variety of educational games, activities, workbooks and homework tips.

- Free brochures and pamphlets that address a wide range of family and educational topics.

How do I check out resources from the Parent & Family Resource Library?

- Please complete a Check-out form and leave it in the Resource Check- out notebook located on top of the Parent & Family Resource Library bookcase.

Who can help me in the Parent & Family Resource Library?

- I will be happy to help.  If you would like an appointment please call. 

When may I use the Parent & Family Resource Library?

- The Parent & Family Resource Library is open daily during school.  

- Special arrangements may be made if the Parent & Family Resource Library is needed at other times.  Please call me for an appointment.

Where is the Parent & Family Resource Library located?

- The Parent & Family Resource Library is located in the Media Center. After entering the NES Media Center door, the Parent & Family Resource Library resources can be found on the bookcases on the left.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for the Parent & Family Resource Library, please let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Sherry Jordan
Family Engagement Specialist